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Flower Shops where Happiness Grows
The story of Queensberry begins in founder and artist, Kanako Heinrichs’ dreamland, Queensberry’s Secret Garden. A land filled with roses so sweet and violets so blue, where birds are chirping and rabbits are hopping. Queensberry designers work diligently, creating precious and beautiful bouquets to fill the shops, providing those busy city dwellers a place to stop and smell the roses. Each floral creation unique with the Secret Garden’s magical touch brings smiles and joy to the faces of your loved ones.
Access to Love
Do you remember when was the last time you gave your special someone a rose? Your neighbor a bouquet of seasonal flowers? Consoled your friends with a potted flowers?Our goal is to make it easy for all of us to find our inner goodness – to be a good lover, a good neighbor and a good friend – sometimes all it takes to brighten up someone’s day is a little bouquet of flowers.
Kanako Heinrichs
Kanako HeinrichsThe Founder of Queensberry
A Japanese girl from Tokyo, Kanako has passion for everything cute – to bring more cuteness and big-city sophistication to Vancouver, she opened her first cheery Urban Flower Kiosk in Fall 2009 inside Granville SkyTrain Station. As an artist, she strives to create sophisticated, modern and sometimes bold statements through her floral creations that have become Queensberry’s signature style.
Norie Ohmi
Norie OhmiHead Designer
Norie is the girl behind every beautiful creation you see at Queensberry. Her extensive work experience as a floral designer, coupled with her enthusiasm for flowers and plants shine through her design. Her years in Japan trained her with the absolute attention to detail as well as the appreciation for simple, natural beauty of flowers. She is also extremely talented when it comes to remembering people’s faces, so when you spot Norie working away at the shop, say hello!
Kari Nakken
Kari NakkenArtistic Floral Advisor
Whether you visit our shop or call us on the phone, you will be first greeted by Kari’s big smile. Kari grew up in the beautiful Kootenays where from a young age she enjoyed helping her mom tend their big garden. In her garden she grew peony bushes, irises, violets and many other beautiful plants and flowers. With a background in art and design, she considers herself a super creative type… making pretty things is her passion and her passion shines through her work at Queensberry.
Katy Chen
Katy ChenShop Manager/ Floral Designer
Katy’s creative talent comes not only from her years at Emily Carr University, but also from the vast experience she gained working at her parents’ flower shop since a young age. Her modern and artistic style adds another level of sophistication to Queensberry’s wedding and event flowers. If you are planning a special event, you will know that you are in good hands as Katy turns your vision into an amazing work of art.